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August 26th, 2014, by Tobe

Until the day this very website here will finally be
relaunched the way I imagine it to be (would you like to help me?), you can always find NEW CONTENT on my Facebook pages. There’s also two NEW PAGES promoting liberty and truth. Please make sure to bookmark them all: (featuring Current News and extensive Lyrics Features!) (Mass Media- and Government-Critical Inspiration!)
["If we restrict LIBERTY to attain security, we will lose them both." (Benjamin Franklin)]

On the GERMAN versions of both pages there will be Different content in German: (weniger regelmäßige Posts, dafür aber komplett in Deutsch!) (Medien- und staatskritische Inspiration! regelmäßigere Posts!)
["Wer die FREIHEIT aufgibt um Sicherheit zu gewinnen, der wird am Ende beides verlieren." (Benjamin Franklin)]

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