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Sleeping Giant - "Sons Of Thunder" (Limited Edition Colored 12" Vinyl) (Gold, Red, Blue)

No Sleep Records - August 25, 2009 - {Link to $2,00 SALE added}

August 25th, 2009

Limited to 1000 copies and comes in three color variations: 200 Gold - 300 Red - 500 Blue

["Descending Into Hell" Artist Feature with EXCLUSIVE MySpace Track]

["The Army of the Chosen One" MUSIC VIDEO] – [Album Video Teaser]

[In-depth Video Interview with vocalist Thom Green (45min length)]

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Sleeping Giant - "Sons of Thunder"
No Sleep Records (#NSR019) - August 25, 2009

01. Gang Signs (2:38)
02. No One Leaves This Room Sick (2:47)
03. Sons of Thunder (6:36)
04. Descending Into Hell (2:33)
 (feat. guest vocals by Bruce LePage, formerly of 100 Demons)
05. The Streets Don’t Lie (5:33)
06. The Army of the Chosen One (3:33)
 (feat. guest vocals by Ryan Clark of Demon Hunter,
 and Krissi Green, vocalist Thom Green’s wife)
07. I’ve Seen (6:48)
 (feat. guest vocals by Dawn Johnson of Take 2 Productions)
08. Confession (3:02)
09. He Will Reign (8:04)
 (feat. guest piano by George Bowker)

Total Playtime: 41:34

Eric Gregson (guitar), Travis Boyd (drums), Geoff Brouillette (guitar), Ryan Bermuda (bass), Thom Green (vocals)
SLEEPING GIANT - "Sons of Thunder" - Biography 2009

Sleeping Giant charged onto the Southern California scene in 2006 with their bold and powerful live show, where in addition to being entranced by ominous guitars, crowds are met with burning passion from articulate front man Thom Green. The sincerity behind the words that pour out from Green’s mouth is deeply rooted in the band’s unwavering love for their fellow man. 

Since the release of their debut album Dread Champions of the Last Days in May of 2007, Sleeping Giant went on to headline the 1st annual "Scream The Prayer" tour (Summer 2008), headline the sold out Facedown Fest in Pomona, CA (2008+2009). The underground swell of hype for this band has risen up and this new album is highly anticipated by devoted fans worldwide. Sleeping Giant will be on tour all summer as part of the "Scream the Prayer" tour in support of Sons of Thunder.
"We are called Sleeping Giant because Christians in the world today are just that, in the world. And they need to wake up! They are sleeping giants of war in this world over-run by apathy, by people who do not see the enormity of their worth and don’t realize they live their lives day by day forsaking love, and a just and amazing God who deserves it all."

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